General Tips


  • Treat people with respect and be respectful of other cultures. Be an ethical traveller.
  • Mention your Name and Contact Number on your each luggage item.
  • Learn local taboos to avoid offending people.
  • Be patient. Expect delays and when things run on time be pleasantly surprised.
  • Try to avoid raising your voice in anger.
  • Do not flaunt your relative wealth.
  • Bargain fairly and respectfully.
  • Be careful about talking politics in other countries.
  • Take care when you pay for things.
  • Leave your jewellery at home. You can look pretty or handsome when you get home -- it's not worth getting robbed or beat up for your jewellery. Go moderate on the perfume, aftershave, and cologne.
  • Learn the local tipping custom by reviewing guide books and web sites. Excessive over-tipping can be as harmful as under-tipping.